anab jain / interaction design / year two / 2004 - 2005

The Sunlight Table
Project: 'Light Play' in collaboration with Stuart Wood

This project examines how sustainable work environments are established to emphasize the
significance of a work/life balance. It uses the research carried out in the difficult environment of call centers to provide insight into the wider context of stressful and sedentary office based work.



The resulting artefact "The Sunlight Table" brings natural light into workspaces and creates unspoken, ambient interactions while working. By doing so, it encourages a dialogue between work and nature and re-establishes a connection with the outside world.

The table is populated with optical fibres creating a “sunlight display grid” on the surface of the table. The fibres are connected to a second input grid placed on a window. Light and shade are transmitted from the window through the fibres and into the table.
Movement outside the window, like passing of birds or the rustling of leaves, brings a little of the outside world to the desk and the user, creating ambient unspoken moments of delight.